Experience the Val di Fassa

  • Summer
  • Excursions

    “Walking brings good humor. Step by step, breathing the crisp air of high altitude and stopping to admire the alpine panorama, the body and the mind relax and draw new energy. ”
  • Summer
  • Fishing

    The clear water of the streams, the quiet mountain lake, only to hear the shell of the water… wait for the fish to bite to then pull the fish line!
  • Summer
  • Rafting

    Rafting in the Dolomites: pure emotions.
    Down the rapids, bends, and jumps of the Avisio river
    “The power of water… makes us have fun!”
  • Winter
  • Snowboard in Val di Fassa

    Flight to scream , giravoltole , somersaults , back side , flip , alley- oop , fly through the air and perform in beautiful places with adrenaline through the roof!
  • Winter
  • Cross-country skiing

    Hotel Catinaccio Vigo di Fassa is the ideal base for a vacation in cross-country skiing in the Dolomites of Val di Fassa.
  • Winter
  • Snowshoeing

    For those who want to experience the charm of walking on snow , Hotel Catinaccio Vigo di Fassa offers routes and trails with snowshoes to discover the beauty of the snowy woods of the Val di Fassa.