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Crack Some Adventures Snowboard in Vigo Di Fassa

Snowboard in Val di Fassa

Flight to scream , giravoltole , somersaults , back side , flip , alley- oop , fly through the air and perform in beautiful places with adrenaline through the roof!

At the Hotel Rosengarten in Vigo di Fassa , snowboard lovers will have the Possibility to have fun on the slopes of Val di Fassa humps and steep sections , the white snow , the sun from morning to late afternoon and the unique view of the snowy peaks , fall in love all freestylers.

After a heavy snowfall , the slopes of the ski centers Belvedere , Buffaure and Ciampac , are the preferred destinations and the meeting point of the soft- snowboarder while the Lusia ski area and San Pellegrino offer a true paradise for the snowboarding community with the his new fun park together with the boardercross and halfpipe. But the top is the stunning track ” Gustaf Toni ” that from Ciampedie ( 2050 m) takes you to the center of Vigo di Fassa ( 1400 m): nerves firmly that part !

Shale areas with attractions for snowboards

  • Alpe Lusia: snow park e pista di boarder cross;
  • Ski Area Belvedere: snow park con mega materasso gonfiabile per l’atterragggio;
  • Ski Area San Pellegrino: snow park e pista da cross con attrezzi e musica;
  • Ski Area Carezza: snow park con sbarre, attrezzi e musica;
  • Ski Area Pampeago: snow park con half pipe.