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Our family

What is our secret? Working together every day, facing each small challenge with a smile.
Hotel Catinaccio started here: the strength of several minds with one heart.

Giorgio – The Chef (but that's not all!)

If the products of Trentino have a special flavour here at the Catinaccio, credit is due to Papa Giorgio, who spends his days in the kitchen to delight you with genuine and often unexpected dishes.

Careful to respect the seasonality of the products and their provenance, he and his staff offer the best dishes of Ladin and Mediterranean tradition, lovingly taking care of all the details.

And what about the bread and sweet treats? Their scent will accompany you throughout your holiday, from breakfast in the morning to dessert in the evening, and, if you wish, you can also order something to take with you when you return or a personalised cake for a special occasion.

However, Giorgio's passion goes beyond cooking: he loves working with wood, and many of the small creations you will find scattered around the hotel were made by his hands. Look for them and let him tell you all about them!

Daniela – The caretaker

Mama Daniela will probably be the first person you meet at the hotel and certainly the one you will turn to in order to discover some of the gems of the Val di Fassa.
From the moment you arrive, she will be able to recommend some little-known destinations where you can relax: a bench to admire the Dolomites, a mountain hut where you can have a snack, or a path through the woods where you can walk with your children.

She dedicates her attention to the little ones, telling fairy tales and legends about the magical inhabitants of the Val di Fassa and suggesting secret places to discover during the holiday.

You will also often find her in the garden or dining room tending to her plants and flowers, her other great passion.
And if in the evening after dinner you don't know what to do, you can count on her for a game of cards, a chat, or to try and solve some fun wooden puzzles!

Cristina – The travel companion

The mother of 3 children, she will be a constant but discreet presence during your holiday.

Her smile will greet you at reception, and you will find her in the dining room as she recommends the perfect wine for your dinner. But you will feel her touch everywhere: in the rooms with details designed to enrich your stay or in the dishes that will arrive on your table.

An invaluable guide for your activities in the Val di Fassa, a ski, Nordic walking and swimming instructor, in summer she will suggest where to stop for a great picnic with the children or where to go for an exciting hike at high altitude, while in winter she will recommend the best routes for young and old.

Stefano – The mountain expert

Father of the three little ones in the house, he has turned his passion into a job: mountain guide and ski instructor, he is familiar with the seldom visited paths and routes and will be happy to help you discover the most authentic and lesser-known Dolomites.
In winter, he will accompany you along the slopes and landscapes surrounding Hotel Catinaccio, and, if you wish, he will also give you a couple of tips on how to improve your skiing.
In summer, on the other hand, you will find him at Adventure Parc Piciocaa, his adventure park, which he runs with patience, care and passion.

Giacomo, Caterina and Tommaso – The little ones of the house

They are the soul and future of the Hotel Catinaccio. Whether you want to eat the best ice cream in the valley or visit the best playgrounds, ask them for advice!

You will often find them around the hotel, ready to tell you some stories about their adventures or have fun with some wooden toys.
If you don't meet them, take a look at the Piciocaa Adventure Park: they are sure to be there looking after the park's animals!