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Pedal with energy thanks to the force of the Dolomites

A paradise for cyclists
Hairpin bends, demanding climbs and exciting descents in the Dolomite passes

It is impossible for cyclists to get bored in Val di Fassa – Trentino
Val di Fassa is surrounded by connected passes that make up fantastic tours around the Dolomites. From 1-2 hours to the whole day, with as great an ascent as you like, you can choose how much effort you want to put in and which route appeals most.

Every pass, valley and descent has its charm: vast banks, green forests and flowering meadows, colossal mountains looming over you. Getting to the peak and gazing around is enormously satisfying and your heart will rejoice.

Cycle tours in Val di Fassa

Here are a few examples of the tours available from the Hotel Catinaccio in Vigo di Fassa, hop on your bike and get going straight from the hotel courtyard.