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Uncover Superior Cross Country Skiing in Vigo Di Fassa

Cross-country skiing

Hotel Catinaccio Vigo di Fassa is the ideal base for a vacation in cross-country skiing in the Dolomites of Val di Fassa.

” When I make a skating or classic on my cross-country skiing in the legendary landscape of the Dolomites I always feel invaded by an intense emotion ”

A huge expanse of snow in front of you , the sun high to show you the way , and a single doubt : classic and skating ? No matter what will be your choice , the feeling of being free, at peace with nature, will still be the same.

The cross-country trails are perfectly prepared to let you discover the charm of the Val di Fassa and Fiemme : over 70 km of trails in the valley through forests and snow-covered meadows . This track is home to the marcialonga , an important international competition where they compete the great champions and beyond.

Or the altitude track to Ciampac , the San Pellegrino pass and step Costalunga suit all needs : to enjoy the day with friends ” slipping ” in the company , to keep fit or to train.


  • Marcialonga slope, Val di Fassa e Fiemme;
  • altitude track Ciampac ;
  • track at the San Pellegrino Pass ;
  • track at Karerpas.