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Itineraries and museums of the First World War in Val di Fassa

In Val di Fassa, history marked its footsteps during the First World War, a period during which the mountains of this land saw armies march and face off in battles that remained consolidated in the history of the Great War.

The Dolomites, and more precisely the Marmolada area, were instinct to be strategic border areas for the passage of armed troops, acting as a territorial limit between Austria and Italy.

These lands retain, despite the passing of the years, many trampled memories of the First World War, interesting are the walking tours of the areas to view the locations where the armed troops faced battles that remained unique in history.

Also interesting are the museums created in the municipalities of the Val di Fassa in honor of the First World War.

Here is some useful info on itineraries and museums for those wishing to take a journey through history between 1914-1918.

First World War: Val di Fassa itineraries

Val di Fossa was a trench and border area, a middle zone for the First World War, where traces of the Austro-Hungarian armed troops can still be found today.

Already walking these lands on foot allows you to breathe the atmosphere of the First World War, however, there are areas where memorabilia and settlements erected during that period are preserved.

Among the must-see itineraries, the Austro-Hungarian cemetery in the Vigo di Fassa area deserves to be visited.

Suggestive are the traces of the remote settlements of the trenches and the fortifications between the Dolomites and the Marmolada.

Interesting and well kept are the Historical Rings present in the San Pellegrino settlement, among the few still visited by tourists.

First World War: Museums in Val di Fassa

The presence of many relics and finds from the First World War collected in the areas of Val di Fassa allowed the opening of several museums dedicated to the First World War.

Let’s see in detail some of the Museums of the Great War:

Marmolada Museum

Built in 1990, it underwent a modern renewal in 2015.

Visitors have the opportunity not only to see objects and memorabilia belonging to the First World War but to make a real sensory journey, thanks to the sounds that are transmitted to the exhibition spaces.

Sounds and stories accompany the visit which becomes a real leap into the past.

The location of the museum is also suggestive: the museum is positioned at a height of 3000 meters above sea level.

Private museum of the Great War

Located in Canazei, one of the municipalities of the Fassa Valley, it was built in 1997 and allows the visitor to view not only objects but also photographs taken during the Great War period and videos of the time, preserved and survived over time and linked to episodes that occurred in the Marmolada area.

La Gran Vera museum

Historically interesting is the Museum of Moena dedicated to the First World War, with an exhibition of objects and a collection of memorabilia that recall the Great War of the 14-18s, strongly desired and promoted following the centenary of the same.

The museum is characterized by having themed rooms dedicated to Galicia, the Dolomites, the trenches and the war.

Permanent exhibition of the Great War at the Pordoi Pass

The museum is actually an exhibition and visual and object-based reconstruction of the events of the First World War, a visual path to allow you to have a concrete view of the situation in which the military was in the years between 1914 and 1918, with scale reconstructions of trenches and period objects.