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Campitello in Val di Fassa

Campitello di Fassa is a town that stands at the foot of Sassolungo and Col Rodella and is one of the most magical and evocative landscapes you can admire among the entire Alpine arc.

Val di Fassa is considered to be one of the most important centers for tourism. It is ideal for all those who love skiing and want to get close to nature. Not only is it a postcard landscape that leaves you breathless with its beauty, but it also has many activities to do and places to discover.

The Ladin village takes the name of Campedel for the imposing bulk of the Sassolungo. It is located at 1448 m altitude, and since 1850, it has become famous for being the starting point for group explorations in the Dolomites. The mountainous fraction of the country is placed to protect the environment for its particularity and uniqueness. There are many interesting routes to explore both towards the valley where the mountains of Sella, Sassolungo, and Marmolada are located. The ski routes to Col Rodella-Belvedere are also ideal. The town is perfectly located and allows you to reach all the most interesting destinations in just a few minutes, whether you have your car or use the well-organized city services. On-site, however, you can rent a bike to discover the city on two wheels.

Discovering the origins of Campitello di Fassa: between history and tradition

This Italian municipality has 722 citizens, and it is one of the municipalities belonging to Ladinia or the geographical whole that unites the four Dolomite valleys and the Sella group, united by the linguistic unit. In these areas, the main language was and still is Ladin. The name derives from the Latin, Campus, and is raised above the Avisio. 82.2% of the population speaks Ladin while the remaining 17.8% speak Italian. The patrons of the town are Saints Philip and James, who are celebrated on 11 May. It is very nice to participate in the local festival, traditional and unique, a glimpse of the really interesting local culture that shows an insight into life in Campitello.

The population lives on craftsmanship, the production of sculptures, and the activities of wood carving are very famous. A great idea for those looking for a souvenir is to support local activities. As regards the territory from a geographical point of view, along the state road 48, there is the hamlet of Cercenà on the border with Canazei, upstream, there are two small hamlets, Pian and Fossel, which form Campitello.

The culinary specialties of the Val di Fassa: the best of Campitello

Val di Fassa especially stands out in the kitchen. Campitello in Val di Fassa offers, like other towns in the surrounding area, an incredible food variety. Noteworthy, are the different honey specialties, jams, mushrooms, lucanine, wines, grapes, and the two most important strengths: speck and cheeses. You must taste the PGI South Tyrolean speck, which is a kind of smoked and seasoned raw ham with an incredible aroma and a very strong flavor. The area is famous for the particular processing of this product to the point that the secret is handed down from father to son and is protected at the European level. Smoking is light and the temperature used is below 20°C. The production rules follow an ancient tradition and make the product different from any other type in Italy. Among the most important and delicious cheeses are Puzzone di Moena and Nostrano della Val di Fassa, respectively known as Spretz Tsaorì and Ciampidel de Fascia. The first one is a cheese aged from a few weeks to about 6/7 months and has a very particular aroma, while the second is a washed rind cheese and is made with whole milk.

You can also enjoy Barley, a traditional dish of Ladin cuisine, which can be served in the form of soup or even as a base accompanying other dishes. The wine sector is also very interesting, there are many labels to try (be sure to choose local products). A dish that you can certainly appreciate in Campitello di Fassa, which is the cajonciè ravioli, small in the shape of a crescent and stuffed. Also, the cajonciè served with wild mountain herbs, a unique specialty that grows only in the vast expanses of Campitello di Fassa is also special.

Activities and excursions in Campitello: what to do in the city

The church of Saints Philip and James, which has a thirteenth-century soul and stands near the famous road of the Via Crucis, is a must-visit place in Campitello. The country has a strong religious component and is a decisive stop with the sacred places of the country. In Campitello, you can also take a cable car trip to admire Col Rodella which, seen from afar, has a sort of panettone shape. In summer, you can go to one of the many sports centers with multiple activities both for adults, children, and teenagers. They include climbing, football, basketball, mini-golf, riding stables.

From a natural point of view it is possible to admire the meadows, the millenary forests, the Dolomite rocks and kilometers of roads surrounded by nature. For those who love the genre, it is impossible to resist the temptation to do Nordic walking, with challenging paths for the more experienced and roads and paths designed specifically for those who try their first time in this sport.

The mountain bike route is also very nice, there are various routes available both for those with more physical endurance and for those who are beginners. The trekking here is phenomenal, you just need to bring your own shoes and let yourself be guided to discover the activities available from local guides.

With 220 km of ski slopes and 86 lifts, Campitello is the cradle of skiing that can take place throughout the winter and within other periods when it’s snowing. Many initiatives organized by local centers, such as the services of mountain guides, off-piste itineraries in the valleys, night skiing, snowboarders, ice climbing, climbing on ice walls, and telemarking. Campitello also offers many lifts, the circuits extend for over 40 km. The slopes are also equipped with artificial snow sprinklers, so even in the winters or in low temperatures, they operate to meet the tourists’ expectations. Do not miss climbing along the frozen walls, one of the most beautiful scenarios to try.

Campitello family size: all the best for adults and children

Once at altitude, you can also use the baby parking facilities. However, walks are also organized for children, which are structured on safer paths for their needs. There are many nice initiatives for families, so do not worry if you are traveling with children, you will be able to enjoy all the activities accompanied by the little ones with no problems. In Val di Fassa, all the structures are equipped to entertain not only children but the entire families, with all the support, guides, and activities designed not to exclude any component. This is one of the most favorable elements to organize your holiday because the locals are very hospitable but also precise, and every year, they make the upgrades, thinking about the needs of all the patrons. This way, tourists can fully enjoy all the local activities, without having to think about the organizational difficulties which, especially those traveling with children, are experiencing.

Relaxation and holidays in Campitello in Val di Fassa

Campitello in Val di Fassa is the ideal destination for all those who want to enjoy relaxing days in contact with nature and have fun in excursions and visiting the neighboring countries. Whether it’s a family outing or a weekend with friends, Campitello is the ideal destination with its nature, activities, and excellent food. The locals are very open and available, the fulcrum of the tourist success of this country, in addition to its incredible beauty. It will be a pleasure to let yourself be carried away by the stories of those who live that reality every day, a life far from industrial systems and large cities. It will be impossible not to fall in love at first sight, letting yourself be lulled by local flavors, the expanses that descend to the Valley, and all the beauty that the place, still so unspoiled, has to offer.